Carry Permits

Why I ask for a carry permit for defense classes when the state of NH doesn’t require one and how it benefits you:

1. I owe it to my gun clubs to ensure them that participants in my courses are NOT prohibited possessors of firearms.

2. I want to make sure everyone who takes defensive shooting courses with me is a card carrying good citizen (you’ll know more when you take my defensive classes).

3. You benefit from the reciprocity agreement our state has with more than 25 other states in which you can carry with a NH permit.

4. In the event you interact with the police, they have immediate evidence that you are not a firearms restricted resident.

5. If you’re a NH resident, and you sign up for one of my Defensive pistol application classes before March 13th, I’ll deduct the cost of a permit from the class. The class can be taken anytime after that date as long as you make your appointment by March 13th!

It’s only a few bucks for 5 years validity and takes less than 2 weeks to get. Contact me or your local police department to find out how simple it is to get a carry permit today.

Here’s a list of states which honor our carry permit, then a link to get yours!


The states listed below have indicated that they will recognize New Hampshire resident pistol revolver licenses. Anyone carrying a firearm in New Hampshire is subject to all other applicable laws including RSA 159:3.

Alabama, Michigan, Alaska, Missouri, Arizona *, Mississippi, Arkansas, North Carolina, Colorado *, North Dakota, Florida *, Ohio, Georgia, Oklahoma, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Indiana, South Dakota, Iowa, Tennessee, Kansas, Utah, Kentucky, Virginia, Louisiana, West Virginia *, Maine, Wyoming

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