Basic Intro to Semi Auto Pistols

The four main goals of my Basic Intro to Semi Auto Pistols class are to teach you:
1. Safety
2. Good Form
3. Fluidity with the basics of pistol handling
4. Accuracy with single shots and multiple shots

(I can work with people who only have revolvers also)

Do you own a pistol or are you thinking of owning a pistol? This course is designed to give you a solid foundation in skills and knowledge to help pick the right firearm for you and safely use it. This class requires the student to have a valid NH conceal and carry permit OR a criminal background check from the state of NH done within the last year. To obtain a NH carry permit, simply fill out an application at your local police department (NH) and pay a small fee, usually less than $20. They must issue a permit within 14 business days if there’s no reason to deny it.

Topics covered:
– The fundamental rules of firearm safety
– Solid stance
– One and two handed grip
– The features and functions of semi auto pistols in general or specifically on your gun (if you have one)
– Loading, unloading
– Dealing with common malfunctions
– Aiming
– Proper trigger control
– Drawing from a holster and re-holstering
– Disassembly and cleaning (if you like)
– NH laws concerning the purchase and responsible use of firearms
– Live fire exercises

I can provide a firearm, ammo, ear protection, and eye protection if you need me to.
What you will need:
– Firearm (if you have one) and 2 or more magazines
– Strong side holster (if you have one)
– A sturdy belt
– Magazine pouches (optional)
– 150 rounds of target ammunition (if you know what to buy—call me if you don’t)
– Hearing protection
– Eye protection… if you wear glasses, you still need eye protection
– Modest clothing (no low cut or v neck shirts)
– Comfortable closed toed shoes or boots
– Baseball hat or brimmed hat
– Bug spray and sunscreen as you see fit
– Water and something to eat if you need it

Course length: depending on your level of familiarity, number of people, your needs, and where we end up meeting/shooting, this class can take up to 6 hours. We can always do the class portion one night and the range portion another day if you like.

– $110 for one person (not including ammo)
– $100 for each person in a small group or family up to 4 people.
– If I provide the ammo, I will not mark up the cost.
– $50 deposit per student required when arrangements are made. If your family group cohabitates, the $50 deposit for the group is fine.