Clean your carry pistol and magazines

If it’s been a while since you have wiped down your holster, magazines and your firearm, be sure to do so and schedule another wipe down within a month or so. Carrying concealed introduces dust, dirt, lint, moisture (from the environment and from your body), and other things which can lead to unwanted stoppages. Taking down your magazines is easy and if you carry them in your pocket, you’ll be happy you took the time to clean them. Pocket lint, papers, and (if you have lots of daughters like me) hair ties and things can end up in your pocket even if you hardly ever put anything in there except your magazines. Those things can work their way into a magazine and may cause a malfunction if cycled through your gun! A good dust off on the inside of your holster may be needed while you’re at it. It’s a good time to inspect your gear for functionality, wear, and broken or missing pieces. Regular pistol maintenance and lubrication is a good idea. If you haven’t shot in a while, at least wipe your gun down and make sure your sights, trigger area, and external components haven’t accumulated a bunch of dust or lint. Be sure to check your firearms manual for magazine and pistol disassembly/reassembly and manufacturer suggested lubrication.

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