Defensive Pistol Applications

Courses build on skills you learned in the basic course (if you took it with me) and applies them to defensive pistol tactics after a brief fundamentals warm up.

If you haven’t taken my basic course, we can start off with my drills and progress from there. Please describe to me what you’re looking to learn and your experience so we can customize a lesson.

Topics may include:
– Tactical reloads and speed reloads
– Hammered pairs (controlled pairs only faster)
– Multiple target engagement
– Failure drills (controlled pairs with a well aimed follow up shot to a smaller target area)
– Lateral movement
– Pivoting
– Strong hand only shooting
– Flashlight techniques
– Firing from behind cover
– Kneeling positions (if you are physically capable)
– One handed skills for left and right hand: draws, reloads, malfunction clearing

Skills taught depend on your experience and ability. More advanced techniques will only be introduced when fundamentals are safely and smoothly performed.