Defensive Pistol Applications

If your purpose for owning a pistol is for defensive carry or home defense, we probably discovered that in our first class together. We probably also talked a bit about how that works with the shooting drills you worked on. Lets make those drills come to life a bit more with some techniques which are essential for increasing your odds at success with defensive shooting. This class is for Adults only (21+). This is a defensive shooting class where you will shoot targets that look like assailants. Therefore, I will only teach it to mature people who can legally purchase a pistol. You must have a pistol carry permit or have a signed letter from your local police department plus ID showing you have no criminal or mental health history which would prohibit you from possessing a firearm if you haven’t taken my basics course.

In this class we will start by refreshing your basic drills at the distances we covered last time, then add some movement, turning, and more. Every exercise will be done from holster to target. Most of this class is live fire with minimal classroom time.

This is an introduction to more advanced skills. We will work at your pace! If you only covered very basic fundamentals with limited drawing from the holster the last time, the course material/price/ammo requirement will be modified to your ability. We can discuss it in person. If you haven’t taken my basic course, you must have taken something similar with a written letter/documentation describing what you know and how you did. We can start off with my drills and progress from there.

Topics covered:
– Tactical reloads and speed reloads
– Hammered pairs (controlled pairs only faster)
– Multiple target engagement
– Failure drills (controlled pairs with a well aimed follow up shot to a smaller target area)
– Lateral movement
– Pivoting
– Strong hand only shooting
– Four flashlight techniques
– Firing from behind cover
– Kneeling positions (if you are physically capable)
– Discussion on how these techniques apply inside or outside the home with emphasis on considering the innocent and possible ramifications for defensive shooting

What you will need:
– Firearm and 2 or more magazines (3 or 4 is ideal)
– Strong side holster
– A sturdy belt
– 2 Magazine pouches
– 300 rounds of target ammunition (I’ll bring extra at no cost in case we are having too much fun)
– Your flashlight (I have some you can use also- this is a daytime class so no extra batteries are needed)
– Hearing protection
– Eye protection… if you wear glasses, you still need eye protection
– Modest clothing (no low cut or v neck shirts)
– Comfortable closed toed shoes or boots
– Baseball hat or brimmed hat
– Bug spray and sunscreen as you see fit
– Water is a must and something to eat if you need it

Course length: depending on your level of familiarity, number of people, your needs, and where we end up meeting/shooting, this class may take between 3-5 hours.

Please contact me by phone to discuss the range arrangements on this class.

– $175 for one person (not including ammo)
– $160 for each person in a small group or family up to 4 people.
– If I provide the ammo, I will not mark up the cost.
– $50 deposit per student required when arrangements are made. If you’re a family group which cohabitates, the $50 deposit for the group is fine.