Low Light Pistol

Most defensive encounters take place at close range and in variable & low light conditions. Make sure you’re ready before the lights go out.

Prerequisites for this class are either a Basics on Demand Phase 1 and 2 Defensive Pistol Applications Certificate OR a similar alternative. Please contact me with questions.

This is an informative “options” class with a course of fire designed to introduce you to common low light/flashlight tactics, techniques, and equipment considerations.

Live fire exercises include:

  • Shooting various flashlight techniques at close to intermediate distance in the dark
  • Shooting with night sights in dim conditions
  • Use of light as a threat identification control tool
  • Basic handgun manipulations with light retention
  • Malfunction clearing with light retention
  • Moving and shooting using flashlights in the dark
  • Shooting around and moving to cover with flashlights in the dark

Required Equipment:

– Firearm and 3 or more magazines
– Strong side holster
– A sturdy belt
– 2 Magazine pouches
– 220 rounds of Factory target ammunition (no magnum, +p, +p+, or hand loads) Please contact me about ammo restriction questions
– Your flashlight (extra batteries or back up light is good to bring if you’d like). Push button activation flashlights will offer the best ease of use. Call me with questions.
– Hearing protection
– Eye protection… if you wear glasses, you still need eye protection
– Modest clothing (no low cut or v neck shirts)
– Comfortable closed toed shoes or boots
– Baseball hat or brimmed hat
– Bug spray and sunscreen as you see fit
– Water is a must and something to eat if you need it

This course has a projected launch in early summer of 2020 for groups of 4-6 people but is available now as a private course for 1-3 people.

Cost: $190 per person