Skills Refresher

Lets head out to the range and shoot!

Do you need a refresher on the shooting and pistol handling skills you learned in the Basic Intro to Semi Auto Pistols class? I’m happy to head out with you and run those drills again. This will be a recap on safety and range procedures, then we get right to work. We can see how well you’ve come along with drawing from your holster and your basic marksmanship ability. We can possibly even introduce something new if you’re doing great, or we can strengthen what you’ve already been introduced to.

I’d be happy to meet you at a commercial indoor range, one of the ranges I belong to, or your local range.

The cost will be $45 an hour (one hour minimum) and will not include the cost of ammunition or range fees (if there are any). I can bring targets and stands for no cost if they are allowable where we shoot. We may be able to shoot some steel targets in certain places. That’s really fun. Contact me and we can work something out!

What you will need:
– Firearm and 2 or more magazines (3 or 4 is ideal)
– Strong side holster
– A sturdy belt
– 2 Magazine pouches (I have some if you need to borrow them)
– At least 200 rounds of target ammunition
– Hearing protection
– Eye protection… if you wear glasses, you still need eye protection
– Modest clothing (no low cut or v neck shirts)
– Comfortable closed toed shoes or boots
– Baseball hat or brimmed hat
– Bug spray and sunscreen as you see fit
– Water is a must and something to eat if you need it